What We Do

Type One Parent Project’s purpose is to bring T1 families together while increasing public awareness of the disease and raising greatly needed funds through fun and exciting events.  The money we raise will fund research that leads to a cure for T1D as well as improved management therapies.  The TOPP Foundation, with the help of friends, family, and other professional organizations, looks forward to a world without Type One Diabetes.

TOPP Foundation Goals:

  1. To increase awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and host fundraising events to generate funding for current and promising research towards a cure.
  2. To rally Type 1 families and supporters to come together to build a strong, vibrant & lasting network & support system for the local T1D community.
  3. To host friendly outreach events for families living with Type One Diabetes and provide opportunities for children with T1D to engage and have fun together.  Connecting with others who understand the day to day difficulties of living with T1D can make a very overwhelming situation more manageable.
  4. To hold monthly support groups for T1D parents and caregivers.  Parents of T1D children can encourage each other, share ideas and celebrate successes.